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Indura® Switiching Jacket made with Leather Collar.  
Men's Sizes S - 3XL  
(Regular and Long Sleeve length)  
Nomex ® IIIA and Indura® Insulated Parka for quality comfort. Optional Hood is fully insulated and attaches with brass zipper. Large expandable hip pockets and Double-needle breat pockets for extra storage. Recessed heavy-weight Nomex® knit cuffs for added protection, comfort and fit  
Meets Osha 29 CFR 1910.269 and ASTM F-1506.  
10400 - Nomex® Colors: Brown, Royal Blue  
20400 - Indura® Colors: Royal Blue  
Men's sizes - S - 3X
Nomex ® IIIA and Indura® Light weight sports bomber style jacket for quality comfort. Welt style pockets have Nomex lining. Rib-knit Noxmex collar, cuffs and waitband for comfortable fit. Extra-long tailoring assures "no-hike" fit when arms are raised above shoulders Meets Osha 29 CFR 1910.269 and ASTM F-1506.  
10402 - Nomex® Colors: Brown, Royal Blue  

20402 - Indura®  
Colors: Royal Blue Lined Indura  
Color: Tan, Dark Blue  
Men's sizes - S - 3X  
Women's sizes - 4-24

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